Model Moments #4

By Barry Lafbery

 The model I would like to tell you about in these moments is a model that I have. 

A Morgan Three-Wheeler, with a J.A.P. 1000cc V Twin engine out front and chain drive to the single rear Wheel. Those of you that have been to the Van-dusen all British meet would have seen one there. Many years ago I nearly owned one. I was just 16 years old and wanted a Motorcycle but parents being parents did not like that idea, two wheels too dangerous. How about a Three-Wheeler they suggested, so reluctantly I agreed to at least go and have a look So, my Dad, and me went to the local three-wheeler dealer. I seem to recall I was quite empressed with them and now cannot imagine why I did not jump at the opportunity to own one, but as we all know hindsight is 20/20.  Maybe they were too expensive I can’t remember, but I do know I cannot afford one today, anyway I ended up with a Motorbike and sidecar a Norton 16H. So, the reason for having that model is that it’s all I can afford, and the memory of the opportunity I missed all those years ago.

Other models in my collection include several Veteran cars of the early 1900 style, you know the type that go on the London to Brighton run every November. In the early 60s a friend and I decided that we would go on the run as spectators. At that time, I had a Fibre glass sports car built on a Ford Popular sit up and beg Chassis, and at the same time was also into making 8mm movies. We decided to follow the cars down to Brighton and film what we could while in amongst them. I often wonder if the spectators lining the route thought we were a film crew from the BBC or Pathe News as my friend was kneeling up in the passenger seat filming as I weaved in and out of the cars. We arrived in Brighton before many of the cars had arrived. So, we set the camera up on the tripod at the end of Madera Drive and filmed the cars as they arrived, it was a great day. I still have that movie and when I watch it, it is fun trying to name all the cars lining the route, they are all their Austin, Morris, Ford, Wolseley. And of course, I have the movie ‘Genevieve’.   

Happy Modeling,