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As the result of Covid-19 we have revised our schedule of Runs for the balance of 2020.

2020- Run # 4 – Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park – Sunday, 27 September

For our final Run this year, it was envisaged that this would be to the old Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park up in the Fraser Canyon. A visit there on the way back from Run # 3 to Manning Park revealed that the parking is quite limited and, as there is no turning lane, one has to swing off into a lay-by and make a U-turn, choosing one’s moment to get through the traffic. With these circumstances in mind, another destination has been chosen – Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park.  This is readily accessible, has over 70 parking slots, with 8 picnic tables and 2 pit toilets near by. As it is nature-orientated, there are a number of posted restrictions – No Dogs, No Boating, No Fishing and No Cycling and as such it has less appeal than say, Rolley Lake which was another possible destination and does not have these restrictions and would appear to attract many more week-end visitors. The Wetlands Park is a calm place, has two Trails and a 300m floating Boardwalk which offers great views of Mt. Cheam and the Lake to the west – see attached photos and map. 

For the Run, as it has been made clear we are no longer welcome to gather in the parking lot at the Mt. Cheam Golf Course, we’ll have a new Chilliwack starting point, being the parking in front of the old Sears store in the Cottonwood Mall. On Sundays, all the doors open at 10:00am and the toilets are accessible – enter by the doors near the TD bank and at the main concourse turn right and then left at Peoples Jewellers to go towards the food court and half way, on the left, is the entrance to the toilets corridor. 

The course will be quite simple – from the Cottonwood Mall over to the Lepp Farm Market for a pit stop and for members from Abbotsford and points west to join, on to Mission and then east along Highway 7 to Aggasiz, south over the River and west at the Rosedale roundabout to take Yale road to Popkum and follow the signs for the Park. The map is shown below – please print a copy and bring it with you.

Lunch is to be a picnic at the Park. There are eight tables, but being the weekend, not all may be free, so please bring chairs, sun umbrellas etc. 

Here’s hoping to see a good turn-out for our last Run of the year tothis scenic and interesting location.

Please print map and bring on Run #4.

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