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FVBMC 2021 – Revised Proposed Events and Runs

Holiday/ Event Date

Due to Pandemic restrictions, Events and Runs planned for April, May and June had to be cancelled.

With the relaxing of restrictions as of 15 June there is now a revised list.

FVBMC Fun Run – To be done on an individual basis any time from 12 May to 30th June

Canada Day – Thursday, 01 July

RUN # 1 – Wednesday, 14 July

RUN # 2 – Wednesday, 11 August

Labour Day – Monday, 06 September

FVBMC Picnic – Sunday, 12 September

Thanksgiving – Monday 11 October

FVBMC Cultus Lake Picnic: September 12th, 2021, 10 am to 3 pm at the Cultus Lake Main Beach. $10 Registration on site. British project cars are welcome. Door Prizes and Trophy for Best Picnic provided all items are brought in your British vehicle. Corn and Hot Dog lunch will be available.

Fraser Valley Classic Car Show Classic Cars on Campus
tentatively re-scheduled for June 11, 2022.



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Fraser Valley Classic Car Show

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