Model Moments #3

By Barry Lafbery

Well this weekend my wife and I thought we would go to the toy and doll show in Vancouver, I had been meaning to go for a long time but never seemed to find the time, now having been I will certainly find the time in the future, If you collect models, die-cast or whatever this is a show not to miss. I had been looking for some time for a Bedford OB coach model and at the show I found one. I would have liked one in the ‘Southdown’ colours but couldn’t find one. One of the dealers had one at home, $45, I found one at the show in ‘Grey Cars’ of Torquay livery, for $20 so I was very happy with that. It will go in the bus section of my collection. There was truly something for everyone there, a die-cast model for $6 or $200 whatever you could afford. I was surprised to learn how much some of my models are worth, one dealer, and I use the word very loosely as they are all very friendly, offered $200 for one of my models without even seeing it. My grandson aged 8 came for the weekend a couple of weeks ago and he begged me to give him one of my Double-decker buses, one of the larger models, well we found him one at the show it will be put away for Xmas.  All in all, it was a very interesting day and I shall most certainly be going again.

         In my collection I have a Riley Pathfinder Police car, these where mainly found outside of London in the suburbs, also in the emergency vehicle section I have a Daimler ambulance these were very popular in London in the 50s. If you ever needed an Ambulance you hoped it would be a Daimler. They were powered by a straight 8 engine with a fluid flywheel and a pre-selector gearbox, they gave you the smoothest ride you could ever imagine. Their demise was 4 miles to the gallon. I remember one coming to our house in London when my Dad was stuck on his hands and knees with a slipped disc in his back. When I look at this model that time always comes to mind.  Along with the Ambulance I have two Dennis F8 Fire Engines, one is modeled after the one you often see in the show ‘Heartbeat’ in real life I have a friend who has a real 1950 Dennis F8 Fire engine, it is powered by a Rolls-Royce 4 1/4 ltr engine. I used to own half of it with him, but funds were needed for more important things, like food and lodging, so I sold him my half, but I still get to see it whenever I want. To bring back fond memories, buy a model that relates to that time you remember, and boys, I don’t mean Cindy Crawford, although I’m sure at my age she could bring back a few memories.

Happy modeling,