Car Run: May 10th, 2020

The weather was just about perfect for a Run – blue skies and up around nearly 30 deg C. Despite a concern that the C-19 situation might put a damper on the event, by the designated 2:15pm gathering time start there were already 8 cars lined up with owners in socially distanced chats. By the 2:30pm set-off there were 15 cars, with 3 having just arrived, and, as we set off, another joined on the way out. The drive to Yarrow and over Majuba Hill went without incident, but at the end of the hill with cars a bit spaced out, one in the middle took a left turn rather than a right….  and others followed….. This was not noticed until the first 7 cars were well on their way and onto the N. Parallel where a pull=over was made near the Richie Brothers auction yard. After around 15 minutes one of the deviant group came by and advised what had happened and cars began to appear in the distance. The run up and around Chilliwack Mountain was without incident and we all got through town to a second pull-over on Young Road near Minter Nursery on Fairfield Island for a final catch-up. On Ballam Road along side the River it was interesting to see that the water level was quite high already – the freshet is not due until later in the month / early June. Further on we had some nice views of Mt. Cheam, still capped with snow. Then it was down to cross the Valley and various cars peeled off to go their various ways so by the time we got back to the start we were down to 7 cars. Everyone called the Run a great success and a welcome break from the C-19 confinement regime.

Michael Hamilton-Clark, Runs co-ordinator