Fun Run 2022

2022 Fun Run – 17 July 2022

The day dawned overcast but dry and a bit on the chilly side. By 9:45am there was warming coffee and Timbits on the shelter table at McDonald Park for the increasing number of arriving cars. In all there were 15 and after distribution of answer sheets and a briefing by Doug Holbrow, the Run got under way on schedule at 10:00am. The route was south out across the Sumas Prairie and down to Arnold Village. After a couple of challenging route directions, it was back over Majuba Hill to finish at Bill McClure’s place in Yarrow for a barbeque lunch. After a tally of the answers, a draw was announced between the Payeurs and Doug Linley with Larry Payeur taking the tie-breaker question… So, he’ll be setting next year’s Run… There was a great spread for the barbeque along with white wine, fruit salad and muffins… many thanks to Bill and Joanne McClure for their hospitality.