Car Run: July 14th, 2021 Rolley Lake Provincial Park

2021 Run # 1 to Rolley Lake on 14 July

The weather was kind, with a nice almost cloudless sunny day and a maximum of 28 Deg C. The Run had its initial start in Chilliwack in the carpark in the Cottonwood Mall beside the old Sears store, with the usual meet-up for 10:15am. There were five cars – three members and two visitors who had seen the Run posting on the website. One had come along with his wife to find out a bit more about the club and how to join, but not to come on the run as they had family visiting. The other came along and four vehicles set off on schedule at 10:30am. The Run to Lepp Farm Market via the N. Parallel and Sumas Mountain Road and Straiton Road was completed by 11:15am. There were three cars waiting, with two more joining to make a final line-up of nine. By the 11:30am scheduled start time, the visitor who had joined at Chilliwack was nowhere to be found, so a copy of the route map was left on his driving seat and eight cars set off. On arrival at the Lake by 12:15pm there were seven cars and no-one seemed to know where or why one had disappeared… so much for the Cardinal Rule of keeping an eye out the car behind…… The first two parking areas were quite full so we went down to the end one and, though not in a line-up, everybody found a slot. In the open area down to the lake there was a vacant picnic table along with some shade along a hedge and one and all got set up and tucked into picnic lunches. The overall area was not that crowded and with motor boats prohibited, not that noisy so, not having had a Run since the one to Manning Park last August, it was pleasant to just relax and chat to catch up on this and that. By 1:15pm people started to leave. The way home was up to personal choice and it seemed that heading west on Dewdney Trunk to take Wilson Street south then Route 7 back to Mission and south over the bridge on Route 11 seemed to be a popular choice. So, all-in-all it was a good Run enjoyed by all with no particular incidents except the car who disappeared. A subsequent enquiry  revealed that on leaving Lepps he had noticed that the alternator was not charging properly so had taken the car back home and found the cause to be a loose fan belt.

Michael Hamilton-Clark, Run Co-ordinator