Car Run: October 4th, 2022, Cheam Wetlands Lake Regional Park

2022- Run # 4 – Frost Road and on to the Cheam Wetlands Lake Regional Park – Wednesday, 05 October

Serendipity was at play – it was exactly seven years ago, to the day, that on 5 October 2015 we had the first organized Run with a meet-up, route map and a destination for Lunch…. So for to- day’s Run, the intended turn-around was the same – out at the end of Frost Road – and the route map was in the same format.

The day dawned with a bit of a haze, but not really with a noticeable smell of woodsmoke. The meet-up was at the Tourism Chilliwack parking lot on Luckakuck Road, 10:15am for a 10:30am set-off. By then, there was some warmth in the sun and there were 14 vehicles, and the haze did not seem to have put people off. Bence McIntyre with his immaculate 1952 Morris Oxford advised he’d come for a chat but would not be coming on the Run, so it was 13 of us that set off to the west along Yale Road, then south on Chadsey Road, over the Vedder Canal Bridge to go south on Boundary Road. After the quick right then left on No. 3 Road, it was on south again on Boundary Road to a hard left onto Belrose Road and on up and over Majuba Hill. At the stop on Wilson Road to take a right onto Yarrow Central we got stalled by traffic lights controlling work on putting in a new culvert. Having waited through several cycles with no traffic coming through, the decision was made to turn west to go through Yarrow and re-trace our steps back to Keith Wilson Road to go east all the way to Vedder Road and then follow the leader…… At a pull-over to re-group just before No. 3 Road, one car decided to leave. By the time Vedder Road was reached it was 11:45am, so rather than take a right to go to Cultus Lake and Frost Road and then back, taking a probable 40 minutes or so, the leader took a left to get back onto the Route to go north to Thomas Road. Then it was all as planned – north on Chilliwack River Road, east on Prairie Central, north on Gibson Road, east on Yale Road through Rosedale and on to the finish at Cheam Wetlands Lake Regional Park, arriving at 12:15pm to see Bruce Webster was there with his lovely 1952 Alvis TA 21 drop-head coupé. Once we had lined up, it was clear we had lost three vehicles…. As it was, they turned up around 45 minutes later. They had become separated somewhere along Keith Wilson Road and had in fact gone the full route out to the end of Frost Road, not realizing with no leader to follow, that the main body of cars had cut out that part….. After some jocularity, they joined in for a somewhat late lunch and it was agreed by all that, despite the unexpected re-route, it had been a good Run and the Wetlands made a nice location for the picnic lunch. People started leaving around 2:00pm and thus ended the last organized Run for the year.

Run Co-ordinator Michael Hamilton-Clark

Photos by Michael Hamilton-Clark and Shirley McCullough