Car Run: August 11th, 2021 Yale

2021 Run #2 to Yale and back for picnic lunch at Green Point on Harrison Lake on 11 August

Despite a wet previous weekend, the day dawned fine and we had a nice blue sky day and it was smoke- free, unlike the day after which was hazy with a distinct smell of woodsmoke… we were lucky.

There were seven cars at the 10:30am start from the old Sears parking lot at Cottonwood Mall in Chilliwack. We convoyed north on Young Road and took Hope River Road and had a pre-arranged meet-up with the eighth car at the Fairfield Scouts Hall. Then it was on to Camp River Road to Join Route 9 to skirt Agassiz to Route 7 and on out to Hope for a 11:45 – Noon pit stop at the Dairy Queen there. Harv and Shirley McCullough’s Jaguar had been having some petrol fume problems and these were traced to seepage from the left side fuel tank fuel cap, probably due to expansion with the heat. Having undone the cap and switching to that tank for a few minutesbrought the level down a bit. The Noon – 12:25pm leg up the Canyon was a pleasant cruise to the rest area at the entrance to Yale. The 12:35pm- 1:25pm return journey to Green Point on Harrison Lake was another pleasant cruise apart from the lead car coming up on a slow-moving verge cutting gang and, having a truck on his off-side, he had to slow right down, then ease out to pass…… There was plenty of room at Green Point parking with several shaded areas and a choice of picnic tables with some shade down by the lakeside. People departed around 2:30pm to find their own routes home. Recorded overall distance run from the Chilliwack start to the finish at Green Point was just on 93 miles.