Car Run: April 27th, 2022 Whonnock Lake

2022- Run #1 – Whonnock Lake – 27 April

The run had been scheduled for Wednesday, 20 April, but by 15 April the forecast looked a bit dodgy, so a notice was put out to advise a delay to the following Wednesday. In fact, the 20th turned out to be the only sunny day in the week… Hey! Ho!

Watching the forecast for the 27th was cause for some nail-biting but there seemed to be a good chance of some sun after a few possibly wet days, so a “Go” was advised. The day dawned mostly cloudy but dry and it was still a bit chilly at 7 deg C by 9:45am when it was time to set out for Hougan Park as the starting point. There were no other cars there when we arrived and by 10:30am scheduled set-off, only one other had come. The run over to Lepps Farm Market and arrival by 11am was without incident and one car was waiting there. By the 11:15am posted set-off time one more car had arrived, so the four of us set off in the dry with some patches of blue sky starting to appear. As we went over the Mission Bridge a few raindrops spattered onto the windscreen, but not enough to warrant using the wipers and by the time we were out on Route 7 we were in the clear. The weather continued to improve as we went up Sylvester on to Dale to join Stave Lake Road to Richards and on to Dewdney trunk then westward over the dam. When we arrived at Whonnock Lake at just gone Noon there was sunshine and 13 deg C with just a slight breeze. We seemed to be the only people there apart from two small boats out on the lake. We all set ourselves up for a picnic lunch at the gazebo and it was pleasant to feel the heat of the sun. By the time we left at 1:45pm there were several people and family groups. The return was simple – straight down south on 272 Street to Route7 then eastward to Mission and split there to find the way home by mid afternoon. The overall distance from home in Chilliwack to the Lake and back clocked at just over 100 miles and so ended a very pleasant Run.

The next Run, to Chilliwack Lake, is scheduled for Wednesday 18 May. Here’s hoping for a sunny day with more members able to come on this one…..

Text and Photos by Michael Hamilton-Clark​​​​​​

Runs Co-ordinator