Barnyard CRAP

Well with the Covid19 craze going on, I’ve had a little more time to work on projects.

Dale’s TR8 Coupe that is in for a little retro fitting after the paint job, developed a leak from the fuel pump under the fuel tank. Made the shop smell better than usual. It did give me the opportunity to drag the cars out and wash the dust off after I washed the floors too.

Cliff’s TR8 roadster had a coolant leak from one of the Gordian knot of hoses under the intake manifold. We had to take most of the fuel injection off to get at it but at least we found the problem. While we were in there we took a few of the questionable injectors out and had them tested. All were fine. Car still runs a little rough at idle.

Tom and I contemplate getting the firewall on the ’47 TC stripped and repaired this month and hopefully offered up to the chassis. This will allow the electrical and fuel systems to be hooked up.

Kathryn completed the door card repairs on the TVR so I could get the pictures taken (again) to apply for collector plates. I did have the car out to the Fortin’s Trade show to help promote our cancelled car show. The thing ran great and I can’t wait to get it back on the road permanently.

Here the Bulldog inspects Gord’s TVR Vixen project newly back from the upholstery shop with a new headliner installed.

The Lotus has come to a bit of a slow down as the new crown and pinion and a few other bits for the diff have been delayed in the States. Still have the new wiring harness to complete. I did get all the new and reconditioned pieces spread out on the bench to help me plan the “what’s first” to go back on the car.

I purchased a kick ass brake flaring machine from the UK. It makes perfect single and double bubble flares even in the hands of an idiot like me ! Not a cheap unit but an easy one to use. That’s it in the vice on the left. Soon all the lines in the Lotus will be shiny and new. I have to say that the copper nickel 3/16” brake lines are a joy to work with. Worth looking on Amazon to buy it. About half the price of Lordco.

We have had to cancel our coffee gatherings on Fridays for a while. As soon as they allow us to gather in a bunch again, we will resume our caffeine chats, solving the problems of the world from comfy arm chairs