2022- Run #3-Hope and return to Green Point – Wednesday, 10 August

2022- Run # 3 – Hope and return to Green Point  –Wednesday, 10 August

The Run as planned was to Hope and after a pit-stop at Dairy Queen, on to Manning Park Lodge for a picnic lunch. However, the advance weather forecast the day before indicated the potential for violent thunder storms around Manning Park. As such, and discretion being the better part of valor, the route was changed to a turn-around in Hope and back to Green Point on Harrison Lake for the picnic lunch.

The 10:15 to 10:30am meet-up at Parking lot # 7 on the Chilliwack UFV campus saw six cars in the line up under grey skies. One advised a spot of engine trouble – seemed to be running rich and prone to cutting out, and if this continues, it’d be a return home to Yarrow and take the family car to come to Green Point for the picnic lunch…. In the end event, this was done. 

On the way through Fairfield Island one more member joined, having waited up at the Scouts Hall, so six vehicles took Route 7 to arrive at Hope Dairy Queen by 11:30am with sunshine dispersing the clouds. Noon saw the start back to Green Point on Route 7 and then to Harrison and round on Rockwell Drive to Green Point for 12:50pm. There were not many cars parked and we were able to find parking in the shade along with the member from Yarrow who had come in the family car to join for lunch as advised might be the case.

We found a nice shaded area down by the lake. Some used one of the picnic benches, others set up camping chairs. The picnic was a nice leisurely affair and all agreed that the Run had been fun despite missing out on the scenic drive on Route 3 to Manning Park. Things were packed up around 2:30pm and people set off to find their own routes home.

As a post-script, the MGB with carb trouble was found to have fuel half-filling the float in the front SU-HIF carb… a service kit has been ordered.

Photos By
Michael Hamilton-Clark​​​​

Run Co-ordinator
Michael Hamilton-Clark

Following Michael, Our Leader