Car Run: October 7th, 2021 Hougan Park and Ryder Lake

The Run was originally scheduled for Sunday, 3 October with a start from Hougan Park and the route to be along Cultus Lake and around the Columbia Valley but, on the Thursday before, the weather deteriorated and the forecast for the weekend was rain and more rain, so the Run was called off. Also, the route would need to be revised as it was noticed that there were resurfacing works along the Lake with a stretch having been taken down to the gravel sub-base. A new route up around the Ryder Lake area was checked out and found to be free of roadworks, so the route map was re-done accordingly with a return leg via Chilliwack Mountain. As theforecast for the coming week was improving, the Run was set for Thursday, 07 October which was shown as sunny. 

The day dawned overcast but dry and 7 deg C, not very encouraging, but the hourly forecast indicated clearing to cloudy with sunny periods by mid-morning and getting brighter on into the afternoon. Clearly some members thought it worth a try and nine vehicles lined up for the start from Hogan Park which had been chosen as being a bit more convenient for this run for members from Abbotsford and points west compared to the usual start in Chilliwack. The route took us south on Cole Road to Vye and then east and round to north to take Belrose up and through Majuba Hill. Then it was east along Vedder Mountain Road and over the Vedder Bridge to go up into Promontory. By now the weather was indeed clearing and it was onto Thornton, Extrom, Brightside and Sherlaw to re-join Extrom to Ryder Lake then back down Elk View Road to the valley floor. We stopped for a pit stop and stretch at the Tim Hortons on Promontory Road. A group parking was not possible due to a delivery 18-wheeler semi being diagonally across one end of the area and other customers parked here and there.  One of our vehicles went on home– he had said he could not come to the picnic – and another left after the break. Then it was off again to go on to the ups and downs on Old Orchard Road round the back of Chilliwack Mountain and on to Industrial Way, then over Route 1 to take Chadsey and on back to Hougan Park for the picnic lunch. By now the weather was clearing nicely with a fair amount of blue sky. Peter Wallis was there with his 1989 Jaguar XJ6 – he was unable to come on the Run, but came to be with us for a chat over lunch. The picnic tables were not occupied so some of us used them, others used their camp chairs. It was out with the sandwiches and themos and, for little Eloise, Dan Brien’s granddaughter, she had her own kiddies snack pack and drinking bottle.

People remarked that it had been a good run and several said that for them, some of the roads up around Ryder Lake were uncharted territory. The total distance run was noted as 90.8km. By the time we left, around 2:00pm, there was plenty of blue sky for a sunny 16 deg C drive back home.

Michael Hamilton-Clark, Run Co-ordinator

Photos by Michael Hamilton-Clark